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Transformational Leadership Institute (TLI)
Offers 5 Unique Services as Unique as the Clients we serve


These are speaker driven events with limited audience interaction. These are typically less than an hour in length. They are best suited for a Lunch ‘n Learn program, a breakout session at a conference, or to inspire and motivate your team.


These are 4-8 hour workshops where new skills are developed, existing skills are polished and new tricks learned.  These are perfect for developing a team as a group event.  Have a team member attend a public event to increase their skills and as a reward for a job well done.

On-going Development Labs

These are more intense workshop sessions that vary in length from four hours to six months.  These LABS are designed to teach adn reinforce the skills learned in the workshop.  Each session builds on the previous session and the “homework” (using the skills taught at the other sessions).

Public Development Labs

The public in invited to participate and a group is formed from the various interested individuals.  This group stays together for the duration of the Lab.  These are exciting Labs as individuals from various companies and life experiences come together.  Learning from the facilitator and each other.

Corporate Labs

A company can arrange to have any of the Labs presented to them privately and tailored to their exact needs. These Labs create new synergy within your teams and are specially effective for developing cross functional relationships.

One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring

Unique individuals required unique support and growth strategies.  We design a one of a kind program to help individuals achieve their goals in any area of business and life.  These programs typically run for 6 sessions and may be spread over 6 months.

Company Assessments

Our team of experts will come to your facility or job site and provide a formal evaluation of your company.  This can include finance, sales, customer service, production, inventory control, and individual or department assessment.

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